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Best dishwashing brush and gloves in Pakistan with Warranty and Free Delivery

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Washing dishes is one of the most important and difficult tasks after cooking especially when the dishes are greasy due to excessive oil. Washing them with hot water and using some soap that is specially made for removing greasiness may be helpful. Getting rid Read More

Washing dishes is one of the most important and difficult tasks after cooking especially when the dishes are greasy due to excessive oil. Washing them with hot water and using some soap that is specially made for removing greasiness may be helpful. Getting rid of this greasiness can also be a lot easier if you use modern dishwashing tools.

Dishwashing gloves:

Washing dishes with bare hands may lead to hands skin dryness. If you are the kind of person who has sensitive hands and wants to maintain their hands' beauty as well as wash dishes effectively then you may try some dishwashing gloves.

For instance: silicone dishwashing gloves. It is a must have product for people with delicate hands. Greasy utensils are annoying for anybody as the oil removal from them is a hassle-some task. Moreover, they have a unique feature that they have scrubber brushes on the palm sides of both hands, so you will not need any additional scrubber or sponge to clean utensils. If you are worried about hygienic issues then you can disinfect it by use of boiling water after usage.

On the top of that, we at Laptab have a unique pair of gloves that have an additional feature of an attached sponge on one of the gloves: sponge gloves. This pair of gloves are made from latex rubber material so will prevent your hands from oiliness, detergents, or any allergies that can occur by the use of common dishwashing soaps. The attached sponge feature on one of the gloves can serve to wash dishes as well as can be used for toilets, carpets, and floor cleaning.

While washing dishes hands may get stained by the use of common sponges or dishwashing soaps. In order to avoid such conditions you can try using our dishwashing scrubber. They are not easy to deteriorate or deform. It can make cleaning easy all thanks to its little silicone brushes engraved on gloves.

Soap dispensers:

Are you also sick of annoying dirty utensils that are hard to wash with normal dishwashing sponges? Then just get rid of them! Try washing utensils with our unique soap dispensing dish brush that can help you clean your greasy annoying utensils within minutes. Usage of this product is quite easy. You just need to open it and fill the soap, then close it tightly and it is ready to serve you. There is a push button for soap dispensing easily.

To boot, we have another incredible kitchen soap dispensing palm brush for preserving the softness and delicacy of your hands. Its small handheld design will make it easy to use. Now removing stubborn greasiness from pots will be a matter of minutes.

Sometimes difficult to clean areas like toilet grooves etc requires special tools. For such purposes, you can try our cleaner brush which is equipped with two heads. One is a bristles brush and the second is a sponge head. The bent shapes of the automatic add cleaner brush will help you get rid of the dirt from grooves areas. Why waste your energy on tasks that can be done with modern tools within minutes?

Cups cleaner tools:

Sometimes the length of the glasses may make it difficult to clean and rinse them. But no worries as we have a cup cleaner brush that will let you wash and clean the cups as well as glasses. This cup glass cleaner has a small surface brush with soft, short bristles for cleaning effectively. After cleaning you can wash it and it will stand upright for storage.

If you are looking for a more pleasing quality glass cleaning tool then you may like our cup washer brush that has a long handle. You can use it to clean jugs, and glasses which are long in length and can’t be washed with ordinary dish washing sponges. You can wash and rinse every point of a bottle or a jug thanks to its long handle. Moreover, the silicone material will cause harm to your utensils leaving them with a new and refreshed appearance.

Multipurpose cleaner and sponges:

We at Laptab have a cleaner that will remove dirt, greasiness, and oiliness from your utensils with its magical foaming action. Try our foam cleaner that can be used for kitchen cleaning as well as for other purposes. It has a cleaning action that will make your cleaned product a new fresh look. It can also be used on painted walls, tiles, floors, mates, and so on.

If you are in search of a sponge that will wash off the pots as well as keep your hands safe from soaps and dirt then you are at the right site. Our multipurpose magic cleaning sponge is hand held and the handle will keep your hands safe from soaps and oiliness. It is a multipurpose sponge that can be used for effective cleaning of kitchen shelves, sinks, tiles, washrooms, floors, vehicles, etc.

Do also use ordinary towels for drying off your utensils? Ordinary towels start to give an absurd odor after some time of usage. This creates an unpleasant smell as well as breeds bacteria. In order to get rid of this uneasiness, try our soft hand towel which is multipurpose in use. It absorbs moisture effectively and can dry off excessive water. You can use it to wipe off hands as well as can be used to hold hot dishes. You can also use it to clean smooth surfaces such as tiles, shelves, sinks, kitchen appliances, etc.

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