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Shop attendance machines online in Pakistan:-

As to be an expert in your business, teamwork is an essential tool for growing and upgrading business productivity. For which, you must develop hardworking and devoted team members to help you achieve particular goals. As a Read More

Shop attendance machines online in Pakistan:-

As to be an expert in your business, teamwork is an essential tool for growing and upgrading business productivity. For which, you must develop hardworking and devoted team members to help you achieve particular goals. As a result, you can get benefits of diversifying the business at a higher level. On the other hand, if you do not stay consistent with your hard work, OR your workers usually take an off but do not acknowledge at the end of the month. Your business efficiency will be decline rapidly. So that you must take action to keep your staff being on time and fulfill their goals without wasting their precious duty hours. For this purpose, you may see many innovative and modern technologies which introduce to manage your business smartly and efficiently without getting tired or exhausted. 

Now, you can trace the exact time of sign in or sign out of your employees regardless of monitoring the time record manually. has introduced small gadgets like time attendance machine, which is available with a lot of varieties and feature to make your life full of ease and comfort. 

What is an attendance system?

These are devices that usually get hung up on a wall. People come and stand in front of the device. The smart device has a camera anintelligentrt (hardware) sensors that recognize you and mark your attendance at that exact moment with the time display at that time. This smart device is small, and does not cost you a lot!

Benefits of Attendance machine

If you are getting the attendance of your employers marked on a register, then you would be needed a monthly report of every employer land each one of them needs to be informed separately. You probably will need a particular person to carry out such tasks. Now by using this little handy biometric machine, all employees can mark the attendances, with exact timings, on a short time interval. As well as you can get monthly or weekly reports of every employee with all detail in a quick way. Also, every employer can access an online portal, and thus can take an eye on their performance quickly.

By using the biometric attendance machine, all employees can mark their attendance with their unique and biological fingerprints, face impression. In suspicious cases like matchless ID cards,nepotism, and such sorts of events will recognize and report on time. 

The employees will be accountable in front of you about their activities, which they have done, including frequent breaks, unscheduled lunches, late comings, or early leaving from office. These fingerprint readers enable you to get check and balance about their entrance and exit timing and also give you notifications about latecomers.

Most importantly, business productivity, along with employees’ job satisfaction, will enhance by giving bonuses or rewards to the best performer through evaluating their monthly report so that those workers who provide overtime can differentiate from those who miss their duty hours. 


Display formation: These machines have different screen sizes of 2.8, 3.0, or 3.5 TFT touch display built-in Optical Sensors with sensitive keypads and friendly user quality to operate the device efficiently by everyone. Some of the biometric devices have the features of identifying wet, dry, or rough fingers or any rotation of finger with their sensitive and high quality fingerprinting position. It gives you accurate, reliable, and precise verification without any error to make it a unique and secure method of attendance. 

Mode of identifications and verifications: There are different modes of identification and verifications are available with a wide range of qualities. Face recognition, fingerprint templates, ID card, Log in with a password, and all will make possible in a fast matching speed that takes few seconds on each user and save the employees’ time rather than to wait their turn for marking the attendance manually.

Access control modalities: Some of the Fingerprint Scanners are used by standalone as well as most of them have both options of using standalone or give access to another trustworthy person or 3rd party panel to manage all your workplace system in your absence. It makes your team members active and regular and able to fulfill their tasks on time without your availability.

Data transfer: By using different network communication including TCP/IP, RS232/485, Wifi or USB port, you are facilitated to transfer all the details of your employees into PC or Laptop or android phone and save the files of each user in Excel format so that you or your management team can easily review or evaluate each employee’s performance easily with one glance.

Back up data option: Now, you can retrieve and back up previous data in case of any file deletion or misplacing the important information without any difficult installation or procedure.

We offer such machines where you can get a very good comparison of different available machines, and therefore choose the one that best suits your needs. The thumb attendance machine price in Pakistan is very reasonable here.

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