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Best book shelf and desk organizer in Pakistan with Warranty and Free Delivery

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Are you a working person? If yes, then you must use a desk for working or studying. If you are a person that wants everything to be placed in an organized way then you should use desk organizing products. Such products take little space on your table but keep y Read More

Are you a working person? If yes, then you must use a desk for working or studying. If you are a person that wants everything to be placed in an organized way then you should use desk organizing products. Such products take little space on your table but keep your many accessories within your easy reach so you can work and study without worries.

We at Laptab have brought you many tools so that you can manage your work or study life properly.

Book shelves:

We have many books organizing shelves at our online store ranging from corner shelves to different tier shelves. If you have a huge number of books to be arranged in an orderly manner you may like our books rack with four layers. It has a grey color that is attractive and soothing to the eyes. You can place it in your bedroom, study room and wherever you want. It will act as a décor piece as well.

Here is another amazing rack that will act as you want. It can act as a shelf when you want to place books on it giving your rack a floating appearance as this shelf will be hidden behind books. Yes, such a shelf exists! Our invisible book rack has this above mentioned feature. The main advantage of this rack is that it is wall mounted so will not occupy space on your desk and float freely on your wall.

If you have plenty of books to store and arrange then we have a 5 tier rack for you. It is super easy to assemble and you can place it anywhere you want. The large compartments will aid you to use it for storing a pile of books in an easy and quick way.

Over and above, apart from books and cupboards that need to be placed on the floor, we have a unique product. If you want to furnish your house and want your books to be placed in a thing that will look attractive then you can have a look at our wooden wall book shelves. The unique and attractive design of these wooden shelves will be ideal for drawing rooms, living rooms as well for your offices. You can place décor pieces in it as well.

Stationery holders:

Do you have a study table? Do you have pen holders as well? If not, then you may like our pen holder. It occupies little space on your desk but can hold your many stationary items in it.

Apart from this, we have a more elegant stationery holder in which not only you can place stationary accessories but also has two compartments for placing your various document or files on one side. Yes, our wooden pen holder will do the job for you.

If you are in search of more nice and spacious organizers then try our desktop organizer that is rotatable. This desk organizer will keep your table out of the mess. As it is rotatable so you can access each item easily by revolving it. It has a space for placing notes, as well as there is built in tape dispenser in it. 

Tissue boxes:

In addition to books shelves, and pen holders we have also amazing tissue boxes. For instance: our tissue box cover holder. It is multifunctional. It can hold your stationary item; you can place your mobile phone in one compartment and place tissues beneath.  This unique product will keep your accessories and on the other hand, will increase the beauty of your desk.

If you want a simple tissue box then you can buy our wooden tissue box which is extremely simple and add decency to your room. It can be placed on your work table, on your dining table, in your bedroom, or in another place.

Cosmetic organizers:

No matter whether you want to organize your cosmetics or arrange your pencils you can do both using one product. Yes, try our pencil shaped pencil holder. The pencil shape of this holder will allow you to place any cosmetic brushes or any pencils in them.

Here is another amazing makeup organizer which can be placed on your dressing table for organizing makeup and cosmetics as well as can be placed on your study table for organizing stationery items.

If you are looking for a more elegant make up organizer then you can prefer the one with diamond cuts.  Our acrylic cosmetic organizer will be ideal for decorating your dressing table. It will give a unique look to your room. The three compartments are available for keeping everything you need within easy reach.  You can place make up brushes, mascaras, lipsticks, nail polishes, jewelry and many more to go.

Mini desk trash can:

Are you a lazy person who creates a mess on your table or anywhere you sit? Too lazy to get up and throw trash? Then bring the trash can close to you. Buy our desk top trash can that you can place near you and throw mini wrappers or other little waste into it. There is a lid on the top that covers the trash so it will not come out.

Desk lamps:

Are you looking for a lamp for your or your child's study room? Want to give someone a valuable yet useful gift? Buy our table lamp for study  for your loved ones. There is a mini holder for placing pencils or pens in it. So buying one product give two advantages, is not it amazing?  It has a cute design which will make it more attractive no matter if you put it in your study room or living room.

Here is a more unique mushroom shaped led desk lamp that can provide soothing light. It can be used as a night light, bedroom night lamp, study lamp, etc. your children will love this shape of lamp for their room.

As the era is getting more advanced day by day, people tend to choose more versatile products for their lifestyles. In light of changing lifestyles, we have brought different types of lamps in our store like Bluetooth lamp is one of them. The head of the lamp can be rotated 360 degrees. It can act as a study lamp you can play classical music while you study as per your desire. As well as you can use this lamp as a light for parties.

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