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Cables are undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of technology. Even if the world has advanced to an extent where we use wireless connections, but there Read More

Cables are undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of technology. Even if the world has advanced to an extent where we use wireless connections, but there are still numerous devices that require cables to make connections. We use a massive amount of cables to make connections and get high definition output and quality, but what makes that possible? Yes, you got it right! Connection Cables are the basic and most primary need of all the connections made throughout the world. But the types and uses of cables is another head-spinning story.

But you can make your life much easier if you give some contemplation to precisely what type of cables you need before you start purchasing. If you get the right understanding of how you are going to connect your devices, it’ll prove to be helpful when buying hardware. This act can save you the problem of getting home the wrong type of cable that won’t even fit your job requirements.

Also, take some time and search for the information about male or female connection types and make sure which one you need. Usually, the connections on devices are female. Therefore, we mostly need cables which tend to have a male connector. However, it is always a good idea to double-check before you set for purchasing the cable. You can get a lot of offers on roughly all types of Connecting cables and Computer cables at Laptab. So, don’t stay behind.

Here is a brief explanation of some cables for your convenience:


HDMI Cables

The standard interface for connecting the audio-visual devices are HDMI connectors. HDMI cables transmit digital video and digital audio signals between your devices. They support high-definition & Ultra HD video signals plus surround sound audio i.e., 5.1 Dolby Digital/DTS and high-definition audio soundtracks found on Blu-ray players.

In general, HDMI cables provide the best connection to link most modern audio-visual devices together _ considering the respective devices have the HDMI port of-course! Gadgets manufactured in the last couple of years most probably have the HDMI ports, older devices may not. As the HDMI connection transmits both the video and audio signals; therefore, mostly, one cable is enough to use. When you are searching to buy a new cable, there is a practically endless number of HDMI cables online in Pakistan and the market. It may seem impossible to pick out the best one among many connectors. But fortunately, it is not that difficult if you concentrate on specific features you require such as;

· The color that suits your taste and liking

· Find the best Length suitable for you

· The suitable material you need

· Specifications compatible with your devices

· The price that won’t break the bank and serves the function nevertheless.

We offer an extensive range of high-quality HDMI Cables Online at a single platform so that you don’t have to make countless tours over the google websites.



In case you have wondered, VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. A VGA Connector can be seen on many AV components, and its primary use is for connecting your devices/equipment with the computer. It is a relatively former type of connection, but still, it has some applications here and there. So, it won’t be a surprise if you run into this type of connectors sometimes. VGA connection is usually designed to receive an analog RGB signal from a connected device, which is the type of signal you get from a computer. It supports standard-definition and high-definition resolutions. Since it doesn’t transmit audio signals, therefore, you’ll need a separate audio connection to hear any audio.

You can also connect your PC or Laptop to your TV or Projector. We can frequently spot the standard 15-pin D-Sub connector on many computers, so you can use VGA cables to send an image on the computer to the TV screen. However, If your PC/Laptop has a DVI or HDMI port then that would be a better choice as compared to VGA. But if your device only has a VGA port or you don’t have a spare DVI or HDMI output, then you can still get a good image quality with the VGA connection.

To get the best quality VGA cables online, you can always pay a visit to our broad collection of VGA Cables.


USB Cables

The USB connection can be seen in most of the computers/ laptops and other electronic devices. But what are all these cables used for, and what is the difference can be hard to understand unless you are interested in learning about electronic devices. USB is universal, but there are a lot of different types. They all serve different functions, primarily to maintain compatibility and support new devices.

The most common types of USB cables and connectors used are as follows:

  • Type-A
  • Type-B
  • Type-C
  • Mini-USB
  • Micro-USB
  • Lightning

You can choose and pick the ones suitable for you in our USB cable store that reserves nearly everything you are possibly in need of.


Printer Cables

It doesn’t make sense if we see printers without printer cables, as printer cables are the necessary component to make a connection between your printer and computer or other devices, including cameras and high-end IT gadgets. Usually, many printers have printer cables in their packing boxes. But if there aren’t any, then it goes without saying that you need to buy them. Just like other Connector cables, printer cables also have different types. Some of them are

  • USB printer cables
  • Parallel Printer Cables
  • Serial Printer cables

Before purchasing any product, make sure to check your device and printer cable’s compatibility. If they are not suitable together, it’ll be just a waste of time and money. Also, see that the compatibility of the operating system with your printer cable is good enough. Review the printer driver version as well and then make a choice wisely.

Most of the types of Printer Cables with trustworthy qualities are now available at, ready to be delivered at your doorstep. If your desired cables are not among the ones mentioned above, you should pay a visit to our Miscellaneous Cables store, where you might find what you need. So, choose your required connector cable and get your hands on it without further ado. brings out the best quality products with the most reasonable price tags in Pakistan. We strive hard to give you the best quality products YOU deserve.

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